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ElectroTidal Pendant: 1

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In the world of electroformed jewelry, I have made this popular design for years.  I adore creating them. Each one is one of a kind, each one is a tiny world to lose yourself in.

I start by creating a large, 1" across  glass focal piece, swirling with color and worlds within the translucent half, invoking the ocean's shore, tidepools, and the abundant life and mystery of the sea.

The other half combines with .999 fine silver leaf, and is rich in creamy hues, the sandy edge of the ocean, the rocky shore and striations of time the sea has brought to the coast.

Glass dots, bubbles, and other decorations accent this piece, and then into the kiln it goes. The glass digitally anneals for over 11 hours.

Once cool, I create a copper skin across the surface of the glass piece, in a process called electroforming. The copper grows over 24-48 hours.

finally, I oxidize and polish the piece, bringing out the warm tones in the copper, and place it on a sterling silver bail. Piece arrives to you on an 18" sterling silver chain.

This is a unique piece that you can lose yourself in forever.

Materials: Glass, copper, fine silver leaf, sterling silver.