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Carli Schultz has been exploring the boundaries of glass and metal and gemstones since 2004 to create artistic, crafted jewelry in the Pacific Northwest. Taming and working with the unique properties of glass (to a point!) allows her to create truly one of a kind, award-winning pieces where art glass is combined with sterling silver, high karat gold and accentuated with gemstones.

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Citrine Bud Ring

Citrine Bud Ring$175.00 USD

Textured sterling  silver is fused together to create this one of a kind, organic style ring, topped with a delicious orange citrine. The deep textures evoke a fresh spring twig...


Love her work. Unique pieces tying together different mediums to create one of a kind works of art. Visit her website and see for yourself.


Loyal Customer

Carli brings her interaction with her environment into her work. It’s elegant, colorful, personal, and sometimes gritty and industrial. She delivers a professional piece of wearable art.”


Loyal Customer

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